Contact Information

Cell: (562) 852-1080
As a child, I fell in love with art. As a man, I fell in love with business. Mix the two together and there you have it, Multimedia Marketing! Growth & Development is a major passion of mine no matter the industry. My passion for growth has allowed me work together with like-minded individuals who are passionate for their talent or skill. Together we create ideas that could potentially skyrocket their business, ultimately helping them achieve their life-purpose at a faster pace!
One of the many favorite parts in my career is that it requires a solemn team effort. With the help of my clients having a deep understanding of their passion, infused with my ability to reach their ideal consumer online; using social media, photo, video, graphic design, websites, email and copywriting; wonderful things begin to happen! In a nutshell, I use my creativity online to communicate how a service/product would benefit your potential customers, ultimately sparking a relationship between my client and their consumers.
I’m proud to have met and worked with many multi-millionaire business owners as well as celebrities from around the world. Got an idea? Small or big, I’m always excited to hear what could be potentially the next big thing. Just hit my line!  -Jonathan Pierce